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The Arts

The arts are an important element of learning and life at Hampstead Fine Arts and students enjoy a well-rounded introduction to them in the Fifth Form. We aim to provide GCSE students with the quality of arts education necessary for their learning to remain with them for a lifetime, but also to provide strong foundations to inspire them to further study of some of the disciplines available at a higher level. The range of courses offered means that for many students entry to the Fifth Form at Hampstead Fine Arts will be the beginning of a new journey as they embark upon their first relationships with the subjects that may grip their interest for years to come.


As well as enhancing your understanding of theatre, our Drama GCSE will develop your skills in performance, teamwork, decision-making, researching, and analysing plays. Different performance styles and techniques are studied and students go to see a number of plays in London theatres.

English Language

Fundamental to every individual’s progress in their further studies and careers, the course covers a range of literature, media texts, and scripts of planned and spontaneous speech. The course also develops students’ ability to write for different purposes, perfecting their literacy.

English Literature

This course strengthens skills in writing and analysis and sees students study a broad range of literary texts including Shakespeare, nineteenth-century fiction, and post–1914 drama, fiction, and poetry.

Fine Art

The GCSE provides students with the opportunity to explore ideas, observations, and creativity through a variety of methods and techniques including drawing, painting, printmaking, and collage. Perceptual skills and a sound knowledge of the essential visual elements that underpin artistic practice are developed.


Students will study performance, composition, music history, and aural skills while becoming familiar with four stylistic areas of study: Popular Music, World Music, Western Classical Music from 1600-1899 and from 1900 to the present day.


A course that integrates the old and new techniques of film and digital photography, introducing students to film processing and the use of a darkroom as well as the importance of lighting, composition, subject, and viewpoint.

Textile Design

Students learn to demonstrate a number of traditional and contemporary textile practices such as dyeing, patchwork, quilting, and the use of hand and machine stitching for decoration and construction.

How to Apply

Our Admissions process is designed to be as straightforward as possible while also making it easy for you to be sure about your decision. Find out all about applying to Hampstead Fine Arts and arrange to come and see us.

How to Apply