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Hampstead Fine Arts does not select prospective students on the basis of prior academic performance: instead, we believe that students should be assessed on the basis of their academic and creative potential.

Though potential is sometimes hard to assess with a ‘checklist’, we have decades of experience in identifying students who will benefit from the educational opportunities on offer here at Hampstead Fine Arts.

We admit students with a wide range of abilities, and pride ourselves on our record of helping them to succeed regardless of their previous experience of education. Often, previous schooling may have taken place in a system that has not connected with their strengths as a student.

Students who have a particular talent may not have had an opportunity to develop it, due to the ‘one size fits all’ approach common in secondary schooling. At Hampstead Fine Arts, we recognise that every student has different strengths, and require only that they make a wholehearted effort to contribute to our community and get the most out of their educational experience with us.

Our admissions process and criteria may differ slightly depending on your son or daughter’s age and whether they wish to join us for Year 9, GCSE, A Level or Portfolio stage. In each case, the College will take into account a satisfactory record at GCSE, A Level, or in other prior studies; satisfactory references from previous teachers; and an informal, relaxed interview with the Principal or Head, who will look particularly for enthusiasm in the student together with a strong desire to join the College.

Our admissions process is designed to be a simple as possible – both for students and parents – and our Director of Admissions, Meena, will always be on hand to assist you with any questions you may have about the process.

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