We will be introducing a two-year Dance A level in September 2024, the first examinations taking place in June 2026. Our Dance course allows students to develop their technical skill and artistic expression through performance, creation, exploration and discussion of their chosen art form.

The A Level Dance course is designed for students who are keen to learn about the world of dance and who enjoy working on both individual and collaborative choreography projects. Theoretical and practical classes, demonstrations, discussion groups and theatre visits make up the core of the course, 50% of which is assessed in written exams.

The A level reflects both historical and current dance practices, making it more relevant, and inspires a lifelong passion and appreciation for dance. Students can perform and choreograph in a style of their choice for the group work, providing it meets the assessment criteria.

Assessments are clear, well-structured and easy to understand. Exam questions take a variety of styles which helps to build students’ confidence and gives them the opportunity to be accurately and fairly-awarded marks.


Examination board: AQA