GCSE – Languages

Modern Languages

In the Modern Languages department at Hampstead Fine Arts we are committed to the view that everyone should have the opportunity to learn a modern foreign language, to at least GCSE level.

In the course of their GCSE language studies, students develop the skills to understand written and spoken texts and to express themselves on everyday topics including identity and culture, local area, holiday and travel, school, future work and study aspirations. The syllabus now lays greater emphasis than ever on students being able to communicate effectively in both spoken and written forms of the foreign language and, with that in mind, our students receive tuition from native speakers of the language in question.

For university admissions tutors and prospective employers alike, the ability to speak a foreign language is regarded as a valuable (often invaluable) asset and one capable of setting an applicant apart from their competitors.


Hampstead Fine Arts is also able to offer GCSE students the opportunity to study Latin, a course which appeals to students who are interested in discovering more about Roman mythology and history. The language itself is recognised as challenging and is highly respected. Students who have the ability to read and write Latin will be commended by universities and employers. The course also offers an historical aspect that captures the imagination of students as well as a focus on classical texts such as the Aeneid and works by Caesar, Cicero, Tacitus, and Pliny.

Latin culture and language still represent the fundamental building blocks of Western culture and European languages thus remaining relevant and useful. It is in large part because of this that an understanding of Latin will complement students’ study of English Literature and Language as well as other Modern Foreign Languages, History, Fine Art, and Religious Studies. GCSE Latin will equally assist students in many other subjects they may progress to study at A level such as History of Art and Philosophy. Latin itself may be continued at A level.