We founded Fine Arts College as a specialist college for Art and History of Art in 1978 and introduced the full arts and humanities curriculum in 1982. A GCSE programme followed in the early 1990s, when Mathematics and Science were included in the wide choice of subjects.

All subjects are taught with the same expertise and enthusiasm by teachers who have a genuine love of their specialism, which they want to impart to their pupils. Our aim is to instill a love of learning in pupils of all ages.

Students come into Year 10 from a variety of schools, with a range of academic and creative abilities. Therefore, we assess each pupil individually to advise on the GCSE courses to be taken.

Students take up to ten subjects over one or two years, including English Language, Mathematics, Science, and at least one humanities subject, chosen from Ancient History, Modern History, Geography or Religious Studies. We also encourage pupils to take a foreign language, choosing from French, Spanish, Italian, German, or Latin. In addition, they can choose from a wide range of creative subjects, including Art, Photography, Music, Media, and Drama. We also offer drama, music, and singing lessons outside the examination subjects.

Beyond the academic, the College fosters personal development through a rounded PSHCE course, a changing programme of weekly afternoon sports, and talks by outside speakers. All students see a personal tutor each week to monitor academic progress and address any concerns.

"A wide range of subjects is offered at both GCSE and A-level, although the school continues to enjoy a reputation as a specialist arts college."
Good Schools Guide, 2023