GCSE – Humanities

Our humanities courses at Hampstead Fine Arts College offer students the ability to continue to develop their learning of subjects with which they may already be familiar, or to embark upon the study of a new subject. At GCSE we offer History, Geography, Religious Studies, Classical Civilisation, and Ancient History.

Students usually choose one or two humanities to combine with subjects from the arts, sciences, and creative areas to create a broad GCSE programme. These subjects contribute greatly to the students’ general knowledge and can lead them to discover a new interest that in turn may become a later specialism at A level or beyond.

In addition, students discover that there are connections between humanities and other subjects. Knowledge of the Greek myths can add insight to texts studied in English Literature for example and understanding Ancient History can explain the origins of modern democracy and tragedy in the theatre. Spotting these connections can be an exciting moment for students, moving them to the next level in understanding the relevance of education.

Universities and employers are of course impressed if a broad range of subjects are studied at GCSE.