GCSE – Mathematics & Science

At Hampstead Fine Arts College we recognise that an education in Mathematics and Science is fundamental to every student’s development and adult life, whether they go on to work in fashion, film or finance. These disciplines are essential to an understanding of the world around us and provide the tools necessary to solve so many practical questions conjured up by everyday life. Just as importantly, however, study of Mathematics and the sciences allows students to learn the methodology behind logical thinking and problem solving.  Many students will learn the processes involved in conducting experiments and investigations during their GCSE Science course, but this understanding may later be applied to their A level Psychology course, or to research they conduct for their Sociology thesis at university. Similarly, the rigorous rationality demanded by Mathematics will assist students in their studies far beyond the GCSE, whether that is in deciphering economic formulae, or conceptualising philosophical theorems.


Our Mathematics course at Hampstead Fine Arts provides students with all the support required for them to acquire a thorough grounding in the most important mathematical skills. They will learn the arithmetic tools needed for everyday life and the algebraic formulas necessary to discover connections between quantities, going on to apply these to geometric and statistical concepts.


The IGCSE enables students to appreciate the practice of accurate scientific method and apply this to contemporary issues such as industry and the environment. Students will also learn about the unifying patterns and themes of biology and develop their knowledge of biological facts, concepts, and principles.


IGCSE Physics highlights the importance of a logical approach to problem solving and applies mathematical skills to a much wider range of contexts. Students will appreciate the nature of Physics and its most fundamental ideas while also covering aspects appropriate for the twenty-first century.