Full A-Level Courses

We offer over 20 A-level subjects with no restrictions on combinations if the subjects are chosen before the timetable is completed in the May prior to each academic year. This allows students to pursue a programme of study suited to their skills, interests, university entrance and future career.

Most students follow a two-year course of three or four subjects. Some specialise by combining a group of similar creative subjects, for example Performing Arts with Dance, Drama, and Music, or Art and Design with Fine Art, Graphic Design, Photography, and Fashion/Textiles.

Personal tutors advise on higher education options and applications, which are overseen by the Director of Careers and her team of university and art school specialists. They monitor individual personal statements and offer advice once A-level results are released in August. If a student has narrowly missed a conditional offer, they help the student to liaise with the relevant educational institution. This can make a vital difference in achieving a place at a sought-after university or college.

The Extended Project Qualification is offered to all students in addition to A-levels. The EPQ enables students to research a subject of choice in depth. It prepares students for independent learning at university and carries UCAS points, which may give the edge on other applicants. A high grade in an EPQ can mean that a university may make offers with gentler A-level grade requirements.

One Year A-Level Course

We run specialist, fast-track one year A-level courses which are ideal for students capable of meeting the demanding academic challenge.

These courses are especially suitable for:

  • Students who have previously studied other A-levels, Pre-U, IB, or similar examinations.
  • International students who have completed their high school education abroad and require A-levels for British or American university entrance.

Our class sizes encourages maximum learning, engagement, and communication. Our tutors are highly experienced and able to run the courses at a challenging pace. Tutors are thus able to give students individual attention and professional guidance.