Student Comments and Reviews

A few of the testimonials received from our current students, alumni and parents:

“I would say that Fine Arts gave me the opportunity to shine on my own terms, and that my acceptance at Oxford is a result of the care and support I received during my time there.”
De Clair

“Fine Arts really helped me realise more about myself as teaching me new skills, and I was able to use what I learned, with the help of the teachers, to get into the best uni course for me. It was a caring environment and I value the people I met and being able to study what I was passionate about! I gained confidence in my work which is something I really value now.”

“I would say fine arts instilled in me a sense that my voice mattered, the teachers genuinely cared what we thought and were always excited for us when we learnt and understood new things. Fine arts has made me more of an independent thinker and learner and much, much more confident in my ideas!”

My response to the question would be: ” Fine Arts College was a gate to my dreams – a journey without clouds, filled with joy and unforgettable experiences which formed me as an individual.”

“I think the campus really is a metaphor for the school itself. I think Fine Arts is how every school should be, but not every school is blessed with such a nice buildings in such a nice area and such a good ethos that education is actually a personal experience that should be tailored differently to each child, which is something that Fine Arts really can do because of the environment that it is in. The absence of pointless rules in this tight knit intimate environment really focused me on actually learning.”
Sachdev:Business A*, English A, Classics A

“The two years I spent at Fine Arts were the best 2 years of school I have ever had. The teachers here are the best teachers I have had.”

“Fine Arts took me in when in a troublesome time and I was given a chance. I got my life back on track through the support given.  Fine Arts got me my grades needed to go to uni and supported me very well.  I enjoyed being there as I felt safe when I was used to conflict. It’s a one hundred percent from me … keep it up ?”


Fine Arts College has produced a number of students who have gone on to become artists, actors, musicians, or successful in another aspect of the creative arts. Below is a list of some of the college’s notable alumni: