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Examination board: AQA

Psychology is the study of human behaviour and mental functioning. It is therefore relevant to every aspect of human life and today there are psychologists working in areas as varied as health, education, business, and crime. Rooted in philosophy and science, the history of psychology encompasses many discoveries and theories that have helped shape our understanding of human behaviour. The effects of some of these discoveries have an impact on our everyday lives, in surprising and diverse ways.

What will I learn?

Psychology A level is studied by exploring theory and practical research, together with group discussions. This provides an insight into key areas of psychology as used in the discipline – including data handling and analysis – which can be studied further at university. Students are expected to gain an understanding of some of the most influential psychological studies of our time, such as Milgram’s or Zimbardo’s notorious experiments, alongside conducting their own research. The course allows students an opportunity to investigate the predominant contemporary approaches in psychology. Students will explore the anatomy of the brain, the main models of memory, mechanisms underlying conformity and obedience; and the psychology behind attachment, gender development, psychopathology, schizophrenia, and forensic psychology.


Assessment is by a total of six hours of examinations in three examination papers at the end of the two-year course. A wide range of question types including multiple choice, short answer, and extended response questions.



·       Social Influence

·       Memory

·       Attachment

·       Psychopathology

2 hours, 33.3% of total A level


·       Approaches In Psychology

·       Biopsychology

·       Research Methods

2 hours, 33.3% of total A level


·       Relationships/Gender/Cognition

·       Schizophrenia/Eating Behaviour/Stress

·       Aggression/Forensic Psychology/Addiction

2 hours, 33.3% of total A level

It is necessary and helpful for students to have GCSE Maths, GCSE Biology and GCSE English Language to study this course.

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