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Examination board: OCR
Economics A level first examination in June 2017

Every day, each of us is presented with an innumerable number of choices. Economics is the study of these decisions, and the science behind valuing the alternative opportunities each choice makes available to us. Its key premise is the scarcity of resources and the resulting need for these resources to be allocated efficiently and, as such, it is the science of exchange. Economics is relevant to every single aspect of our lives and it has quite arguably become the primary lens through which we view the world making it a discipline of intense relevance for any student.

The Economics course provides a thorough grounding in both microeconomics and macroeconomics. It is designed to relate closely to current affairs and the modern world through reference to a range of ‘real world’ issues in local, national and global contexts. Students will develop skills in evaluation, analysis and quantitative methods and learn to think as economists.

What will I learn?

Students of A level Economics will:

Economics is a highly respected A level subject and relevant for many career options and university courses such as Politics, Business, Economics, Law, Management, Finance and Marketing.

The full A level is a two-year course that will be examined at the end of the second year. There are three 2-hour exam papers:

Microeconomics (01) 80 marks 2 hours 33% of total A level
Macroeconomics (02) 80 marks 2 hours 33% of total A level
Themes in Economics (03) 80 marks 2 hours 33% of total A level

A minimum of Grade B in Maths GCSE is highly preferable.

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