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Physics encompasses the study of the Universe from the largest galaxies to the smallest subatomic particles and is crucial to understanding the world around us, inside us and beyond us. This is a challenging but very rewarding course for anyone who enjoys problem solving and wants answers to the big questions about space, time, matter and energy.


Studying physics at A level is a great compliment to arts and/or humanities subjects and does not require any maths beyond GCSE level (unless you are planning to pursue the subject at university.  As well as being essential for many science and engineering courses, it is particularly attractive for those considering pursuing a career in architecture or industrial design. Physics is a “facilitating subject”, meaning that it’s highly regarded whatever degree or career path you choose.


At Hampstead Fine Arts we follow the AQA A level course which offers an options module with choices including: Astrophysics, Medical Physics, Engineering Physics, Turning points in Physics and Electronics.