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GCSE Courses (Years 10-11)

Our GCSE courses (one-year and two-year) provide the perfect preparation for the specialised study of the Sixth Form years. We provide a wide-ranging and balanced curriculum, in which students take up to 10 subjects over a period of one or two years.

The two-year GCSE course

Students come into Year 10 from a variety of schools, with a range of academic and creative abilities. Therefore, we assess each pupil individually to advise on the GCSE courses to be taken. Most students will take eight or nine subjects, including English Language, Mathematics, Science, and at least one humanities subject, chosen from Ancient History, Modern History, Geography or Religious Studies. We also encourage pupils to take a foreign language, choosing from French, Spanish, Italian, German or Latin. In addition, they can choose from a wide range of creative subjects, including Art, Photography, Music, Media, and Drama. We also offer drama, music, and singing lessons outside the examination subjects.

All students have PSHCE lessons, and enjoy organised sports such as football, netball, tennis, and yoga are which are run weekly.

Small classes and Form Tutors

At Hampstead Fine Arts, GCSE subjects are taught in very small classes (usually eight or fewer). This ensures each student receives a great deal of individual attention, allowing our subject tutors to meet the needs of everyone in the class. Hampstead Fine Arts, therefore, has a particularly good record of improving student performance based on previous attainment.

All students meet with their Form Tutor every week for general academic advice, and to address any worries that may arise (either from the student or following feedback from other teachers and Directors of Studies). This ensures that students have a formal space in which to discuss and address problems.

Students are free to create their own portfolio of GCSE subjects, choosing at least one from each of the faculties below.

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