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The substantial range of academic options available at Hampstead Fine Arts is a huge part of the College’s success. For students studying GCSEs (Years 10-11) and A-levels (Sixth Form), we offer an extremely varied range of courses , as well as a popular Portfolio Course for students preparing for further study in the Arts.

Our belief is that, in order for our students to find and develop a particular talent or specialism – and make informed choices about their future studies – they must have a broad choice of study options as well as the freedom to explore their choices. Offering a wide range of courses allows us to provide students with a bespoke education that helps each one fulfil their creative and academic potential. Furthermore, our GCSE and A-level programmes ensure that they are free to study any combination of the subjects they are interested in.


Every student needs informed and appropriate guidance in order get the most out of their education and excel in their particular interests. At Hampstead Fine Arts, this is ensured by the fact that, as a result of our small group teaching, our experienced staff are always able to give individual attention to each student. Class sizes are typically less than eight in every course, meaning that students are afforded the opportunity to ask questions and have a meaningful level of communication with an expert teacher. Alongside the academic curriculum we provide a stimulating programme of extra-curricular talks from tutors and visiting speakers that broadens our students’ knowledge of the world and informs their choices for higher education and beyond.

Our Portfolio course follows our A Level programme in its breadth, and can be tailored to your specific interests – whether these are in a range of practical art subjects, or in studying the history and context behind particular styles and movements in the arts.

Our new summer school courses offer non-residential courses in the arts and performing arts with options of two or four week courses. The summer school is a fantastic opportunity for students to improve their skills in the arts and keep their creativity flowing during the summer break.

If you are interested in studying at the College and have in mind a particular subject matter that you do not find in our course pages below, please enquire further with our Directors of Admissions (mail@hampsteadfineats.com) to see if our programmes can accommodate you.

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Our Admissions process is designed to be as straightforward as possible while also making it easy for you to be sure about your decision. Find out all about applying to Hampstead Fine Arts and arrange to come and see us.

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