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One-year GCSE Course (Year 11)

The one-year GCSE course is a highly-focused year of study for pupils who join Fine Arts School in Year 11.

Joining our One-Year GCSE Course

This one-year course is specifically designed for students who have changed school after completing Year 10 elsewhere. In these cases, pupils will take a varying number of subjects, dependent upon how much they have achieved before joining us. Therefore, we assess each individual before advising them on their subjects. Pupils must, however, take English Language, Mathematics, and Biology, alongside another three to five other subjects.

In this final year of GCSE study, we place emphasis on essay writing skills, examination time management, and clarity of purpose. We have regular testing and a full mock examination week at the end of January.

How to Apply

Our Admissions process is designed to be as straightforward as possible while also making it easy for you to be sure about your decision. Find out all about applying to Fine Arts College and arrange to come and see us.

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