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Our Ethos

At Hampstead Fine Arts we have a distinctive educational philosophy that informs our approach to teaching and our cultivation of a welcoming, collaborative College. We believe this environment fosters the talents and ambitions of our students, preparing them well for higher education.

Our small size means that we know all our students as individuals, which is particularly important in encouraging and supporting them personally – moving away from the ‘us and them’ teacher-pupil relationships of their younger years. We closely monitor each student’s progress but we also encourage self-discipline and self-motivation: the informal nature of relationships between staff and students strengthens high expectations and a rigorous approach to work.

Our lessons challenge the students to engage in discussion and debate so that, far from being simply ‘taught’, students become inquiring critical thinkers and independent learners. We want to inspire a passion for learning that will last a lifetime and continue to enrich beyond formal exams.


Our Courses

Fine Arts College offers exceptional teaching in very small groups for a wide range of A Level and GCSE courses. Our Portfolio course also allows students to structure their own personalised syllabus, giving them a unique freedom in their studies.

Our Courses

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