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One-year (fast-track) A-level Course

Hampstead Fine Arts runs specialist fast-track A-level courses which are ideal for able students who wish to study a subject(s) intensively over a one year period, and who
we believe are capable of meeting this academic challenge.

These courses are especially suitable for:

  • Students who have studied A-levels previously.
  • Students who have previously studied for Pre-U, IB or similar examinations.
  • International students who have completed their high school education abroad
    and need A-levels for British or American university entrance.

Our average class size is seven to encourage maximum learning, engagement, and communication. All our tutors are highly experienced and able to run the courses at a
challenging pace. Tutors thus give students both individual attention and professional guidance.

All students have a Personal Tutor who mentors them throughout the year. They meet each week and the Personal Tutor is responsible for advising on higher education
applications, giving support during the examination period, and available for advice once the results are released. For example, if a student has narrowly missed a
conditional offer, the Personal Tutor will take up their case directly with the educational institution. This can make the vital difference in achieving a place at a
sought-after university or art college.

How to Apply

Our Admissions process is designed to be as straightforward as possible while also making it easy for you to be sure about your decision. Find out all about applying to Hampstead Fine Arts and arrange to come and see us.

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